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"On one side, he’s very cool and all celebrity-like, on the other side, he’s a little dumb that you can see his gums when he’s laughing." 

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140730 Southern Metroplis Entertainment Weekly’s Executive Editor’s Weibo Update

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#i have no friends tho lmfao

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Song: French Kiss
Artist: Hyuna
Album: A Talk
Played: 4334 times

Hyuna - French Kiss

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Song: 빨개요
Artist: HyunA
Album: A TALK
Played: 17408 times
HyunA - 빨개요

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Song: Love Lane
Artist: Mamamoo
Album: 연애말고 결혼 OST Part 2
Played: 1370 times

Marriage, Not Dating OST (Mamamoo) - Love Lane

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Song: Darling
Artist: 걸스데이 (Girl's Day)
Album: Everyday 4
Played: 19678 times

Girl’s Day - Darling

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Song: Stop the Love Now (연애는 이제 그만)
Artist: Ben (벤) [Bebe Mignon]
Album: Marriage, Not Dating OST Part. 1
Played: 424 times

Ben (Marriage Not Dating) - Stop the Love Now